Random Thoughts on horses

Sometimes horses fill me with wonder.

From the simple to the complex, from the obvious to the less evident, horses always manage to amaze me, even after all these years.

This week’s video is just a series of random examples of why we all appreciate horses as much as we do.

Click below for a few more random thoughts….:-)

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on horses”

  1. Amanda Gallagher says:

    Lovely video!

  2. 104 Random Thoughts in the ‘download’. That is a lot!!!!

  3. Judi McCRACKEN says:

    We learn so much from them, don’t we. Bless you for your sweet videos.

  4. I miss the days when the horses would yell at me to feed them!

  5. Loved this – along with the shot of Pebbles stealing a mouthful of grain!

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