Knowing your horse

Have you ever wondered what horses do when they’re not with us?

They have a rich alternate life with their peers (or at least they should) and taking the time to watch them interact with each other can give us a deeper understanding into the lives of our equine partners.

It’s also a wonderfully good way to spend your time!

4 thoughts on “Knowing your horse”

  1. Judi McCRACKEN

    “Forecast his intentions” I like that! It’s important to help the kids see what is going on and be prepared for the unexpected. Today we watched the herd ‘boss mare’ turn around a start firing off kicks to scare off the younger mare. They were getting handfuls of grass across a fence from my neighbors when the ruckus started. I explained what was going on and reminded them to get away when they see this type of behavior. (My old mare is blind but she means business!). Kids learn SO MUCH when they just watch from afar. Thanks for the great video! Happy Spring!

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