5 Things Every Horse Lover Should Know


Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who dream of connecting with horses.


Yet whether it’s financial concerns, fears of getting hurt, or simply feeling like they’ve waited too long, some have been tempted to give up on their dreams.


I put together this PDF for all of you who have loved horses since the day you learned they existed.  By reading it you’ll discover the basic things you should know about horses. But I really hope that you’ll also come to believe that your dream is an achievable one.


Some of my students have ended up riding weekly, some ride daily, and some have bought a horse of their own. I even have students who never intend to ride and yet gain so much enjoyment just by being in the presence of horses. There is a magic to horses. They can teach us so many things; about nature, about ourselves and about life. If you ask any of my students if they have any regrets, they almost all have just one. They regret that they waited so long.


It’s never too late!  Thanks for joining us.