Quarantine Quizzes

While we’re waiting (and waiting) for spring, it’s a good time to brush up on some of the knowledge that inevitably makes a person a better rider/horseman.

Our students, who aren’t able to ride right now because of the virus, are participating in (and acing!) the quizzes we’ve been posting on Instagram. It’s reminding me that a lot about riding horses is actually about taking the time to learn about the partner we work with.

4 thoughts on “Quarantine Quizzes”

  1. Judi McCRACKEN

    Here in Utah we’re in the 70s and 80s. I have shaved my hairy minis (3) and the Icelandic is even shedded! Our garden is in, we have separate families with many children coming out to play with the ponies and enjoy the sun, wind, and dirt. Life is good, God is good.
    BTW, the first photo of the two horses with the girl in the snow is beautiful. That’s a framer!

    1. 70’s and 80’s sounds wonderful right about now….I might like the picture of the snow a little more by July…right now it’s a little too ‘realistic’….:-)
      But over all you’re absolutely right Judi…all good!

  2. Amy

    Looks beautiful there! We are having early heat, 107 today! Our riding season is coming to an end, at least for hitting the trails. I’m thankful that in these times of quarantine I live with my horses so I can still ride in my yard!

    1. Oh my goodness Amy…you must be quite a bit south of us. All of us who live where our horses live are lucky, that’s for sure. I have friends who haven’t been allowed to see their horses since Mid-March.
      Crazy times…stay cool and stay safe.

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