Laminitis (Founder)

I know people who think there are few things as beautiful as horses contentedly grazing on beautiful green grass.

I understand but unfortunately, for horse people, we know the possible worries in that pastoral scene.

Despite the snow (!!!!) we had this morning, it’s not too early in the spring to talk about the dangers posed by having too much of a good thing.

P.S. Below this weeks video is a short video about Hawke and the three other horses we rescued at our farm in 2012.

Above, Hawke celebrating that his feet didn’t hurt anymore!

5 thoughts on “Laminitis (Founder)”

  1. Sandra Petersen

    I love your weekly videos Pat! You have sooooo much horse knowledge and we’re lucky that you time time to share it with us.

  2. Linda Clulow

    Awesome video Pat…thank you! The potential risks in ingesting too much spring grass and laminitis is scary. Ending your video with Hawke and his zest for life and will to live gives hope to others and maybe good news from researchers in the near future.

  3. Janet Dalby

    Buy the book! . . . . if you don’t mind a bit of a cry 😉

  4. Janet Dalby

    He was such a great horse.

  5. Catherine Adams

    “The miracle of suspension” – one of the first things you taught us during our lessons, Pat!
    As always, a great virtual horsemanship lesson.

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