3 thoughts on “How can we help horses?”

  1. Judith

    What a joy to lightly touch a horse with your foot and have him willingly move to the right or the left effortlessly, be it performing a side pass or opening a gate! a well trained horse is a joy to ride!
    Try one sometime……it will open your eyes to a whole new world. Riding is more than, “I hope I don’t get bucked off today”. The operative word here is connection! Thanks again Pat!

  2. Mary

    A very good explanation that I think most will appreciate!
    Thank you!

  3. Catherine Adams

    Well said Pat! Also, let’s face it, for many people watching dressage is like watching paint dry. There is so much going on between the horse and rider that, when done well, is invisible to the uninitiated.
    Also, like all equestrian disciplines, there are extremes (as you noted) and dressage is no exception.
    The time-tested Training Pyramid (Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, Collection) steps and concepts are interrelated, build upon one another, and are required for the correct training of the horse. These benefit both horse and rider regardless of the type of riding you do.

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