The “quickest” way to learn to ride…or train a horse…

(Beautiful memory of two of our dear school horses, Whisper and Babe…taken by Christine Benns)

5 thoughts on “The “quickest” way to learn to ride…or train a horse…”

  1. Judith

    Pat, you are absolutely right! It’s progress, not perfection! I have advised people to stay away from high energy barns such as you mentioned and look for the quieter places. Go observe what goes on in the arena. Watch the people riding. Are they smiling and having fun? Are they loving on their animals? Barn family is the best family. We look out for one another and hope for the best for each other. My stable I have some awesome memories of my barn family. We all learned together. Ride on Cowgirl!

    1. Judith

      my typo……..My stable would organize rides in the mountains of Utah, transport the horses, lead the trailride and bring us home…all FREE OF CHARGE! Good people..Good times!

  2. Jo Clark

    Yet again – gold dust from Pat!
    100% the foundations are the key to success.

  3. Jana

    Very true. Good reminders for every horse person.

  4. Karen

    So true Pat.
    Thanks for this video 😊
    (Nice to see Jake in the background!)

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