Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s spring now!

2 thoughts on “Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s spring now!”

  1. Judith

    I agree Pat!. Wind is hard on horses, and rain and wind is REALLY hard on those without shelter. Snow on a horses’ back is a good sign, it’s not melting and that means the air in the hair is providing a buffer between the snow and his skin. A wet back is NOT GOOD, if you see them shiver, get them dried off quickly. I always blanket my old horses or compromised horses. A lean to in the pasture is a good idea to give shelter from the wind. If you CAN help them, DO! I used to listen to old cowboys who poo-pooed the idea of blankets until I saw several shivering and wet. I’ll not do that again! Each one might be different from the other so pay attention to their condition and act accordingly. Thank you!
    Judith from the “Sunny South” in North Alabama USA

  2. Teresa Mikelson

    Pink sky at night, Sailor’s delight.
    Pink sky in morning, Sailor take warning.

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