Celebrations for Ghost

Although we’ve had Ghost since late June, we haven’t really been able to do too much with her for the first little while. But she hit a milestone this week and we’re very proud of her.

A few updates on her colleagues too.

4 thoughts on “Celebrations for Ghost”

  1. Sandy Prtersen says:

    Good news about Ghost!

  2. I love her! Such a great horse.
    She really puts up with Rosy in the arena well!

  3. Lori Gordon says:

    So nice to get updates on the new gang! Sounds like you have some work ahead of you, but, as you say, it can be challenging to erase bad experiences from a slate and start over, so to speak. I am confident that you’ll be able to reach all of these horses where they are, and get them to a good place. Looking forward to the next updates down the road!

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