A quick hello on a windy night…

Even more people than usual have been reaching out to us, wanting to learn to ride. Some have reached out just because they want to spend time with the horses, even if they’re not quite ready to try getting on!

I completely understand that. In these complicated times, the honest simplicity of horses is one of the most refreshing, grounding things.

5 thoughts on “A quick hello on a windy night…”

  1. Penny FETTERMAN

    Merry Christmas….good to see your smiling face.

  2. P. Tracy Appel

    Hi there and it was very nice to see and hear you. You and your videos bring a “grounded ” sense to my day whenever I watch. So Do what you can– I always enjoy them. Happy healthy holiday.
    Tracy A

  3. Sonja Guillet

    Hi Pat
    It’s really nice that you take the time to make this video for us even tho I know how busy you are. Wishing you an enjoyable Holiday Season and a Healthy Happy New Year. Hope to come for a visit soon

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