We’re back!

We’ve had a wonderfully good but busy summer, and I’m sorry that my weekly appointment here fell by the wayside.

All the tech issues (knock on wood) have been resolved, things are slowing down around here a little and we should be back on track now…:-)

I hope you’ve had a great summer!

Thanks for your patience.

8 thoughts on “We’re back!”

  1. Melissa White

    Wonderful to see you again. Always love the advice you share.
    Xo Mel , Steve and Molly!

  2. Sandy

    What a great video! Sounds like those 3 horses have lucked out to have landed with you 💕. Welcome back Pat!

  3. Lori Gordon

    So happy to see your smiling face again! I was worried that maybe something had happened. So glad you and your lovely horses are back with us. Wishing you a great success with your three new ones. Sounds like you’re already on track to understanding a little bit about the way they’re thinking about things and looking at life. Looking forward to your future videos.

    1. Thanks so much, Lori. As much as I’m glad we were busy this summer (much needed after the Covid lockdowns) it was discouraging to me not to be able to get back to things here…I really appreciate that you’re following along! Thanks again.

  4. Jana

    Enjoyed hearing from you again. You always share some interesting thoughts.

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