Morning Routines

Horses are creatures of routine so spending a lifetime with them means we develop routines too.

Lately, I’ve tried to be more conscious of how I spend my mornings and the best part, for me, is that I get to work my routine in and around my horses.

3 thoughts on “Morning Routines”

  1. Brenda

    Yoga in your Barn with horses in the background sounds magnificent! You’re so blessed. My morning routine is coffee and a book but I would love to learn Yoga, maybe one day. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Angela Hunter

    Thanks for sharing Pat. You are inspiring.

  3. Catherine

    LOVE your comment “Yoga’s a gateway drug for meditation”! (I’m still chuckling).
    My all time, most favourite Zen spot is leaning on one of the paddock fences at your barn, watching and listening to the horses graze….often enhanced by a spectacular sunset. Deep breath…Ahhhh

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