Some aspects of horsemanship don’t require any skill.

I came across this old video the other day and I decided to share it for two reasons. The first reason was that my dear Sadie was the star of the video. She passed away from cancer last August but this is her from 3 or so years ago when she was wonderful and healthy.

But the other reason I wanted to share the video is because it reminds all of us that one of the best gifts we can give our horses is our attention. They are always telling us about how they feel and it’s up to us to listen to what they’re saying.

4 thoughts on “Some aspects of horsemanship don’t require any skill.”

  1. Lynette christensen

    Hello Pat,
    All you stated in this video is right on target. During the 20-25 years I was actively a horse owner , I’d be looking at everything going on with them. Caught colic only after barn manager notified me in the wee hrs that she was in distress. She was fine when I left her 6 hrs earlier.
    As it turned out she had to have emergency surgery for twisted gut. She did survive, thank the Lord and super experienced veterinarians.
    Her feed had been pelleted. Per the vets this is NOT a good feed .
    That was the last time I’d ever again used pellets.
    This happened in 1984
    “” Paying Attention “”is the number one priority in animal ownership.
    Keep these wonderful videos going.
    Inexperienced and experienced people do need reminders at times.
    BTW. You looked very rested in this video

  2. Walka M Wardell

    I enjoyed meeting Sadie on here in her younger years. Your horses look so peaceful and happy…sure sign of a good momma and friend to them.

  3. Linda Clulow

    Thanks for this video Pat. Great information but boy it was nice to see Sadie. I miss her!

  4. This is great information to share with other horse owners. Many are unaware of noticing things like this because they don’t take care of their horses on a daily basis. I have had my own place for 30 years now and definitely started noticing more than when I was just boarding my horse at another facility. Some barns have great help like yours and notice things and contact the owner. Fortunately nothing ever happened to mine when at another facility but I did have it happen when they were here at home and I owned several. Being able to react quickly is so important when a horse is in distress. Thank you for sharing this information!

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