Could it be time?

If this past year, you’ve been finding yourself reflecting on how things are going in your life, apparently you’re not alone.

I don’t know about you but I keep hearing about this “great reset.”

The way people are calling about riding lessons right now has got me thinking there might be something to it!

If you’re thinking of trying to do something you’ve always dreamed about, now might just be the time!

9 thoughts on “Could it be time?”

  1. Regina Niemeyer

    Hi! From Texas. I have a horse that backs his ears a lot. He is a large 17 hand horse that I think the people that broke him and had him made him scared. He has a bully approach but is a great riding and saddling horse. He has a attitude and you always have to respect him. I can brush, bath and he is a friend & he will follow me anywhere I go, but I have respect for him. He will kick. He has never kicked me but I always let him know where I am so I won’t scare him. When we purchased him not knowing much about him, his original owner flapped in on the butt and he kicked the man. That hurt. However; how can I trust him more when he backs those ears often.

  2. Hi Pat, oh you made me laugh out loud when you made the comment about getting past riding in the Olympics!! I think I was 15 and 52 years later it’s all about a deep relationship. I agree some of my biggest Aha were off the horse. I love your idea!!

  3. Deb Robinson

    I have that personal relationship with my horse all the time. I treasure it.
    Denali is my daughter’s horse, who I fell in love with, while she went onto other things. My knees don’t let me ride, so I enjoy the bond we have. He had a leg injury and ended up being on stall rest for 2 years. I couldn’t imagine what that would do to is personality, so I would go out 2/3 week and just hang out, sometimes in his stall, sometimes taking him on walk around the inside of the barn. My favorite thing was to hum while I brushed him, Yes, sometimes he would fall asleep. When it was my time to nap in the stall, he would just soothingly munch on his hay, but right above my head. Denali is an arabinan and does spook easily, however from a horsemanship perspective it is clear that he trusts me and looks to me for security. He calms quicker and is really less stressed by the blue plastic tarps.
    I would definitely want a new person to touch and smell and talk to the horse. It is the best part!

    1. Denali is so lucky that you took such good care of him, especially during his stall rest. That can be so tough on horses. No wonder he trusts you so much! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tracey Paige

    I have been riding for just over 4 years (I’m 56) and have a very special relationship with the horse I ride each week at the stables. She’s not mine (although I wish she was) but everyone remarks about the bond we have. She is an Arabian and as such I always have to be super in tune with her. But I always spend time with her on the ground before and after I ride her- just talking , taking a stroll around the arena, feeding carrots and just giving her lots of love. It has really reinforced our connection. I hope you do the series you spoke about in this segment. Thanks for all you do and all the knowledge you share each week!

  5. Walka M Wardell

    Good afternoon sweet Pat,

    I have found this to be very true and am in total agreement with your video this week. I have found my bond so much deepened with our young men because of the extra quality time we have shared together during this period. My daughter’s horse, Jasper, was very skiddish and apparently mistreated at some point when he first arrived. He would only let me daughter and near to him… but through the gentle love everyday that I have shared with the three of them, he will listen for me as he sees we walk around the farm and will whinny and come to me now across the pasture to greet me. He has began to learn that I only want to love and care for him and he can feel safe and assured here at his forever home. His personality has changed, his eyes have softened, and he now lays down and sleeps in his stall and in the pasture. There is such a beautiful peace which has settled upon him which makes my heart so truly happy. There is no greater gift than to see that peace upon them and to see them look in your eyes and know that they are loved and love you in return.
    I have thought much of you in lockdown and hope you are all well.
    I finished your book and cried throughout the story. It was beautifully written.

    1. Thank you so much, Walka. It says wonderful things about your heart that Jasper’s newfound peace means so much to you.
      Thank you also, for the kind comments about the book. If it’s any consolation, I cried pretty much through the whole process of writing it.

      1. Walka M Wardell

        I can understand you crying through the process of writing, but I am sure it was healing as well to document this journey for others to enjoy. Have a beautiful day!

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