Thank you!

There’ve been occasions over the last three decades where I’ve felt decidedly out of step with the general consensus about horses in my business. Not with the people close to me, but I have found it hard to explain to the ‘professionals’ at times.

So, you cannot begin to imagine how wonderful it was to read all your comments last week (including all the emails I received).

It’s fantastic to imagine how we can all keep making the world a better place for horses.

Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Thank you!”

  1. Walka Wardell

    Thank you for making a difference

  2. Lori A. Gordon

    What a great reminder about our attitude toward our horses and really toward our world! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You are SO right! My life is full of wondrous things, not the least of which is my horse!

  3. Karen Dance

    I’m again, catching up on your videos after not having time to view. I loved last week’s video about the wall of signs. For sure, it’s a wall of love.

    One thing I took away from my lessons several years back, was the idea that you “ask” a horse for a trot or a canter or to turn. That an “ask” could be communicated simply by a nudge of a leg or the hold on a rein was fascinating to me. This implies a partnership which I never considered and only serves to highlight the communication and wonder there is between horse and human.
    I like that you mention only asking for movements that are within a horse’s range or abilities. This respects the horse and shows a strong relationship, rather than having one in charge of telling the other, what to do. It was good to hear about the “ask” again.

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