My Best Teachers

There is a wall in my arena that serves as a memorial for all the school horses that have helped me with lessons for more than three decades.

They are always the best teachers and they deserve the honour.

17 thoughts on “My Best Teachers”

    1. Teresa Mikelson

      I enjoy her videos a lot. How can I make a comment?

  1. Linda Clulow

    Very heartwarming video Pat. I could feel the tear in your eye at the end….but nothing else would be expected from a true horsewoman. Happy Women’s Day to an amazing woman entrepreneur of over 35 yrs!!

    1. Teresa Mikelson

      I feel the same way. 🙂

  2. Catherine

    You made me cry! I have so many wonderful memories of many of the characters on your wall. They were patient, sometimes cheeky, teachers who improved my life and gave me something to look forward to each week. Thanks for posting this Pat!

  3. Diane Taylor

    The owner of the barn I board at has the same belief as you. Her lesson horses have a forever home at the ranch. It is one of the many reason I admire & respect her and you. Thank you.

  4. Lovely video, Pat! I always found myself taking a moment by that wall too and just letting the memories of each horse I knew flood through (even as your video scanned the name plates, I found myself looking closely to see which names I could recognize, and remembered the ups and downs with all of them). They are cherished memories 🙂

  5. Echo Dake

    That was beautiful!!! You are an angel put on this earth to watch over the horses!

  6. Fiona Williams

    Sometimes, following the supposedly ‘right’ business model, isn’t morally the right thing to do. This was a beautiful testament to your character. God Bless you for being such a loyal friend to your horse partners.

  7. Heather

    That’s a wall of friends!!
    The best memories and the best horses.

  8. Joan Follett

    Its always a bitter sweet moment when adding name plates to this wall but knowing these horses ended their time in a safe loving environment thanks to you Pat makes it a bearable chore. Thank You, and now I am drying my tears.

  9. Tracey Paige

    Thank you for sharing that story and for being such an amazing person! Horses teach us so much. We just have to listen.

  10. Judith McCracken

    YES! Thank you for your honesty and loyalty to the most noble breed of animal. Every horse has a job and deserves to be cared for on his own farm with his own herd. We have the tough job of putting down 2 horses next month who are handicapped because we are retiring. I will not pass them on to being abused and neglected and die in a strange place. My vet is the best and she will give them a peaceful passing. One is a blind appaloosa who is 21 and the other is a 12 yr old paint gelding who has bad arthritis in his hock. He is AMAZING but when the owner finds out he cannot climb hills anymore, he will be pushed to the side and perhaps on several more homes before it’s over. I love them too much to just abandon them and leave the area where I cannot make sure they are safe. Good for you in your commitment to caring for these wonderful creatures!

  11. Mary

    Made me cry to see the signs – looking out for the ones I knew. Heather such a sweetheart! Missed the one for Palladin though…. great memories! Thank you for being who you are ❤️

  12. Elizabeth Reece

    Thank you Pat for being the special person you are. I can’t ride my “expensive lawn ornaments” but I love them just the same.

  13. Walka M Wardell

    Beautiful video as always Pat…
    I would love to just have a cup of coffee with you one day at your arena…
    I have several pictures here of the horses we have been blessed to enjoy.
    I agree with you wholeheartedly because as I look at their pictures, my heart swells with pride for truly they were my greatest teacher in striving to be a better human.


  14. Karen Dance

    What a lovely memorial to the horses who gave you and your school so much. That wall will be a constant reminder to what you, your staff, and your riders have gained from your horses. What a tribute to them!
    There’s love on that wall for sure.

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