Coming back into work

It’s March and despite the weather today, I am going to say that spring is on the way.

We’re also hopeful that the lockdown in our area is coming to an end. For us, this has meant taking the time to get some of the school horses back into work.

As I get older, my appreciation for taking it slow has grown exponentially.

4 thoughts on “Coming back into work”

  1. Lori A. Gordon

    I’m with you, Pat. At my age, it takes me a bit of walking to get everything unkinked when I get up in the morning. It really helps me to better understand my nearly 29 year old senior gelding. We haven’t ridden much during the winter, but I have tried to keep him moving with groundwork 3-4 times a week – plus it gives us things to do together! Hopefully, that will stand both of us in good stead as I pick up a bit more riding once the weather turns. Thanks for the reminder – always good food for thought.

  2. Judith McCracken

    You and Gus make a beautiful couple. Glad you’re getting back into the routine again. Good luck !

  3. Mary

    Glad to hear you’ll be opening up soon – this is great news!
    Thanks for the tip on the warm up. As I ride out all winter cold feet and bad footing are limiting factors although I try to get out twice a week at least for an hour if not more. It usually takes at least 10 minutes to get to a spot where we can muster a trot so this is in line with your warm up recommendation.
    Keep those videos coming – enjoy them a lot!

  4. Walka M Wardell

    Oh yes… 🙂
    I have forwarded this video to my husband and my daughter.
    We ALL need to be reminded to be gentle with each other… especially my little pops and cracks I hear on myself.
    The spring sunshine does feel wonderful again.

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