I know we’ve talked about this before…

…but it seems a least once a year, someone mentions my little issue with wheelbarrows.

Just in case this never occurred to you, I thought I would share this again.

7 thoughts on “I know we’ve talked about this before…”

  1. pamela

    Thank you for the tips. My horses love to be scratched right at the beginning of their tale. I’m looking forward to more of your experiences.

  2. Julia Granado

    Thanks Pat
    Great info

  3. Judi MCCracken

    Great idea!
    I have always said ‘expect the unexpected’ when working with horses. I keep one wheelbarrow in my barn and everyday I look at it as a possible accident waiting to happen. Thanks for the timely reminder. And I loved the rolling scene at the end. How funny that they must all roll in the same area. Gotta love em!

  4. Beth Greer

    I love all your videos! I would have never thought about a horse having something like that happen with a wheelbarrow! I won’t forget it though! Thank you!

  5. Walka M Wardell

    Thank you Pat for your honesty as always and insight. Last night while in the pasture, my husband and I enjoyed a peaceful time loving on our babies and feeding them apples. The sun was setting and it was one of those picture moments when you just thank God that you can care for these animals and call them your friends. After my husband filled their tanks to overflowing with cold water, he stepped inside to recoil the water hose. Something about the sound of the hose sliding across the concrete pad sent a jolt of electricity and spookiness through my gelding. The ironic thing was I was standing right next to him talking with him and at first did not know what had happened because the jolt of adrenaline he experienced went right through me. It took a moment for me to understand what had happened to spook him like that all of a sudden. My heart was racing and I had to calm down myself. It was just a constant reminder of how quickly something can spook them at times which never before phased them. A few moments later, my Snickers walked up to me and put his head in my chest and then over to my husband. He was no worse for wear and the “terror” had been abolished as the hose was safely within the barn again.

  6. Catherine Adams

    As others have commented – great video Pat. As you’ve said before, our job is to view the world through the horses eyes. Thanks for the reminder!
    On a side note, I remember Mountie…such a kind, sweet boy.

  7. Diane Prophett

    As you say, anything can happen. I do make a point, that anything, that can be knocked over, possibly tangled up in, is out the way. So many happenings, have amazed me, as much as , “how the heck”!!!!

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