God Bless the School Horses

This video is from a couple of years ago and there are two things I should say about it.

One, I’ve gotten a bit better at editing videos!

Two, I still believe everything I said about my wonderful school horses.

We lost one of them this past week. Her name was Sadie and she is the last horse you’ll see in the video.

I repost this in her honour.

R.I.P. Sadie and thank you from me and from everyone whose life you touched for the almost two decades you were with us at Harrogate.

4 thoughts on “God Bless the School Horses”

  1. Hi,
    I have loved horses since l was 4 watching Disney’s Zorro. I have not been fortunate enough to own one. I was promised one for my high school graduation by 2 uncles. But it didn’t happen. Now my love has been renewed by watching Heartland with my grandkids. I still
    Love them like I was 4 again.

  2. Ok I want to know who is on your hall of fame. I definitely know of a few you would have.

    Rip Sadie.
    Such a great teacher. I loved that cheeky streak she had. You had to appreciate how much of a boss she was. Such a sweet girl.
    She had such a great home and she definitely new she was a beloved horse!

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