Fire Hazards

Fire loves everything about the buildings where our horses live. That’s because there’s usually lots fuel like wood, bedding, grain, and hay.

At least three of the four main causes of barn fires are probably pretty obvious…smoking, electrical issues, and lightening strikes.

But the beautiful, sweet smelling hay that we carefully collect for our horses can also be a deadly problem.

That’s what this week’s video is about…

3 thoughts on “Fire Hazards”

  1. I’ve learned that there’s a reason for everything you do Pat – and it’s usually always about the horses and their happiness, health and well being. They are lucky to be in your care.

  2. Janet Dalby says:

    I believe you can also tell whether a new hay bale could have too much moisture is by the weight. All bales are heavy but extra heavy ones should be checked!

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