Spending time with horses

I think it was Winston Churchill who said that ‘no hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.’

I think you could safely modify that to no hour of life is wasted being in the company of horses.

There is a place in the UK that has a more novel spin on that but the idea is sort of the same.

12 thoughts on “Spending time with horses”

  1. Mary K.Evans

    Thanks – I LOVE reading your “Is My Horse Happy.” There is nothing like a soft nose on your chest.. 🐎🐎

    1. Barbara Hall

      I watched this video while having lunch after spending an hour and a half just being with my horse. We slowly graze together, I rub him down, I sit in my chair and just hang out with him. I do this because I just love watching him but it has also helped him to become a less anxious and more confident horse.
      I too just love watching them, hearing them chew, breathe sneeze, whatever!
      I love the idea of spending an evening with Fresians! How fun is that! Coincidentally, my horse is 1/4 Fresian!
      Thank you for your videos!
      Barbara Hall

  2. Beth Carter

    So sorry about Sadie and I have to totally agree that ANY time spent with horses is time well spent …when I am upset ,sad , lonely, or just need some me time I head straight out to my barn and as I walk in the door I can feel the tension leave my shoulders and an instant smile appears on my face.. they r my saving grace.

  3. Judy McCracken

    While I don’t think I’d like to sleep in the same barn with a horse, I do enjoy walking out my door in the morning and having my crew nicker at me and stand with their heads over the fence wanting their breakfast. Even when I try to sneak out early in the dark, they hear me and come running. I like spending time in the paddock and just walking about to check on them. I’m retired and spend most of my time cleaning stalls and just hands on time with the horses and chickens and 2 sheep. Life is very peaceful on the farm.

  4. Lori Gordon

    I couldn’t agree more, Pat. I get that same feeling of peace, calmness and happiness just from being with my horse – grooming and hand grazing him, listening to him munch hay. You may have felt you were rambling, but I heard exactly what you were trying to say. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Mary

    It’s so true that being with and watching horses in a field grazing and playing makes you feel peaceful. They are our connection to nature and I’m so grateful they allow me to relax from daily stresses and keep me connected to the natural environment. Living in the city it’s so easy to ignore the beauty around us.

  6. Nancy

    What a great idea to go spend time with horses ..where might this place be in UK to dine or sleep ?
    Enjoyed looking at your horses..thank you

  7. Linda Clulow

    Walking into the barn and smelling the hay, hearing the nickers or rhythmic munching, makes stress levels dissipate, heart rate goes down and a feeling of calm envelopes you. It’s like a big, big hug!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful Pat. You _did_ explain it perfectly. I was very close to tears!

  9. Karen Dance

    Pat, I’m so sorry to hear about Sadie. All of your horses are special and the loss of any of them hurts.
    I think you did a lovely job of explaining the feeling and connection to horses and what they do for you. Sometimes the simplest, purest, heartfelt descriptions say the most.

    I read everyone’s comments and I think you all expressed the same feeling. How wonderful to be able to walk out and be with horses every day. I love the UK idea. I love the smell of a barn, of horses and hay, and hanging out with horses like that sounds good to me.

    Thanks Pat, for sharing your thoughts and your horses here.

  10. Beth Greer

    So sorry for the loss of Sadie. I love all your videos and your love of horses is so evident in the kind manner in which you handle them and talk about them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love with us!

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