Saying good-bye

As everyone at the farm probably knows by now, we had to let Pete go…he was losing his battle with EPM and it seemed like the only fair thing to do.

We got him 20 years ago from some people who had lost interest in riding him. He was just living at the back of their property, with nothing to do, with no training or any real experience. But he was a beautiful, kind horse  and it seemed to us that it would be worth it to take a chance on him.

Maybe my friend Sarah said it best. When I told her of our decision she replied:

“He turned out to be one hell of a horse for a back yard pony. Sweet, beautiful Pete.”

Couldn’t say it better myself.

12 thoughts on “Saying good-bye”

  1. Angela Hunter

    Without those, who fully dedicate their lives to the welfare of horses, it would not be possible for any of us us to have a part of the farm experience. Those, like Pat, who care for animals first hand, are genuine. They don’t purchase barn board or equine fashion to “look” the part. This is the real deal. Thanks for sharing this video so we can feel connected to Pete, and to the cycle of life we take for granted. Hang in Pat and team. Take care of yourselves because without we (horses and people) wouldn’t have the haven that is Harrogate Hills.


      Thank you Angela. I’m honoured you took the time to watch. I appreciate your kind words.

  2. Heather

    This is such a beautiful video. Pete was the best horse I have ever met. I am so thankful I got to spend such a big part of my life riding him. So thank you Pat for letting that happen. Those are some of the best memories I have with that beautiful golden horse. He had a beautiful life with you at Harrogate Hills and he was so loved by everyone. He will always be in our hearts and hopefully will be shining down on us as we try to move on without him. My heart is with you Pat.


      Thanks Heather. I know you know how special he was…

  3. Amanda G

    Pete was such a sweet horse, my whole family has such great memories and riding experiences with him. He touched so many people through Harrogate, and you definitely know how loved he was. My thoughts are with you, Pat, you gave him an amazing life!


      Thanks Amanda. I loved the picture you put on your face book page…It’s so great that he meant something to so many people…thanks

  4. Robyn

    A beautiful and touching tribute to the life of a special guy (and so many other special horses). What a kind gift you have given him of peace after so many years of love and excellent care.

    Pat, thank you for making such a considerate video about a topic that I feel is important we all talk about a bit more. I was told by someone once that when your horse dies “its hard, and it stays hard for a long time”. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear in the moment, but that statement has brought me comfort in the years following as a reminder that my experience was actually a shared one and that the depth of our sorrow is really a reflection of the depth of our love and connection with our horses.


      I know you know how it feels and your friend was so right…it does stay hard for a long time…Thanks for being so supportive…we have both been blessed to have horses in our lives that make it really hard..

  5. Jen

    Thinking of you Pat..I was lucky enough to meet Pete last summer when I stopped by and I could see just how special he was and how much you treasured him. It’s definitley never easy to let them go but my oh my, what a huge mark they leave on our hearts not only when they’re here but long after they’ve left us. Rest in paradise, sweet Pete. Sending all my love


      Thanks Jen. He was a lovely fellow.. easy going and always wanting to start games with any of the other horses in the field who would play with him…he left a mark that’s for sure…

  6. Rochelle Morais

    Pat, and the rest of the folks at Harrogate Hills, I am so very sorry for the loss of Pete. I know how much you care for every one of your horses and they are all blessed to have you in their lives. Thinking of you.


      Thanks Rochelle. I can’t remember if you ever had a chance to get on him but he was a pretty cool horse. Thanks for your kind words…it means a lot.

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