Okay, this isn’t about Aretha but it is about respect…respect that we owe  the horse once we begin to understand what he is giving to us.

I think it’s a pretty big leap especially when you think about it from the horse’s point of view.

Let me know what you think..



P.S. Thanks for all the nice comments about Pete from last week. It’s great to know so many people loved him too.

6 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

  1. Linda

    Excellent video!

    I couldn’t help but giggle at the reference to the school horses high tailing it to the barn… the safe place! But the lack of respect of riders toward their horse and the feeling of entitlement really gets my ire up; a little Irish as it is.

    As you indicated, the horse allows us the privilege and trust of sitting on his back, hopefully to engage in an intrinsic bond between equine and human. The horse teaching; the human learning! Sometimes both.

    Thanks Pat!

  2. Angela Hunter

    This is a terrific example of how respect is something that needs to be taught and or modeled and how opportunities to do so are missing from our modern day culture. Someone taught me that respect is something you need to have in order to get. Thanks for the reminder and focus for my day.

  3. As someone who hasn’t ridden for years, I am learning so much from your videos. I’m fascinated by body language – both animal and human, and was aware of the “zone of safety” in people – that area around us that feels uncomfortable if someone gets too close – but I’d never really thought about a horse’s point of view with regard to his vulnerable areas. What you say makes perfect sense. Thank you for this insight.
    Love these videos. Keep ’em comin’…

  4. Beverly tabatabai

    Love your wise perspective! Makes total sense and brings awareness where many are not normaly aware of that! Thank you for your post, love to view them! Always learning! Beverly

  5. Penny

    Right on, so many times i see people trying to get the horse to do something, get mad because the horse isn’t doing it but the poor horse has no idea what the human wants…and the horse gets blamed. Sad!!!
    Thanks for you insight.

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