Helping Sadie by paying attention.

Just a quick reminder that you don’t need years and years of experience to make a difference in a horse’s life.

Sometimes all you have to do is pay attention.

That’s what this week’s video is about.



7 thoughts on “Helping Sadie by paying attention.”

  1. Linda Clulow

    One of the hallmarks of an exceptional equestrian facility is to look at it’s output….the students. Are they better people since becoming a part of a community that cares for the welfare of animals; for the learning experience derived from bonding with a horse; being educated by that horse, being humble enough to recognize that a good horseman is constantly learning, constantly watching, constantly absorbing the subtle queues of his/her equine friend. These qualities have boldly been shown in the students who stopped to recognize the ‘off’ nature of Sadie in her stall. Well done! And well done to the staff who instil the overall values of that exceptional horseman. Bravo!


      Thanks Linda…very kind of you….:-)

  2. Angela Hunter

    What a great teachable moment. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to pay attention and take the time to care. This is just what I needed to be reminded of on the first day of school. I am so glad that Sadie was able to get relief before she was really sick. I love that horse!


      You never know how these things would work out when they’re happening…I just know that even if it wasn’t life threatening (although it could have been) by paying attention, the kids certainly lessened her suffering….and that’s more than good enough for me.
      Have a great first day Angela!

  3. Heather

    Love this video!!! This says so much about the Harrogate way of life.
    Also I love that Ben didn’t care about the selfie stick but Sadie did.


      I was surprised that Sadie was so worried about it. I think it must have been the way the lights reflected off the screen or something because I went through the rest of the barn and no one cared. They just wondered why I was walking around talking to myself and not feeding them….:-)

  4. I learn so much every time I watch one of your videos. Keep ’em comin’!

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