Just reflecting after a summer of riding camp at Harrogate ….

It takes a special horse to tolerantly allow riders to practice their newly acquired communications skills on them and it takes an exceptionally special horse to pretend they understand the conversation.

I’ve spent over 3 decades defending the value of the school horse. I’d be interested in hearing the stories of the school horses you’ve known in  your life.

Please share in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Appreciation”

  1. Linda Clulow

    Way back in my younger days I rode at U. of T. Riding school. I was just learning how to jump. My coach was very encouraging, trying to explain that I had to visualize going up and over the jump. I don’t know what I visualized but obviously my interpretation was not on the same wave length, as I went head over tea kettle. My boyfriend, now husband, expertly took a super 8 movie, in slow motion, of the whole thing! What is amazing is that I didn’t seem to freak out my horse. He calmly looked back at me, probably thinking, another greenie hit the dirt, I guess I have more training to do on that one!! He waited patiently as I re-mounted. As I did so, I made sure I didn’t acknowledge that glint in his eye!! LOL!!


      You really have to find that movie for me. I would love to see if it is a horse that I would recognize from my later years teaching there….and good for you not to acknowledge the glint….:-)

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