Just say “NO” to grass clippings.

I first heard about the potential hazard of feeding grass clippings to horses  about 25 years ago. I was reminded of it this week because of a really sad post I saw on Facebook.

The problem is a tough one because people think they are being kind and possible helpful. I’m sure they innocently figure that  horses eat grass anyway and so why not give them a big pile as a special treat? Anyway, this week’s video gives a few reasons why it’s not a good idea.

(I apologize in advance for the poor sound quality….)


3 thoughts on “Just say “NO” to grass clippings.”

  1. It isn’t just horses, either.
    I used to have a pet bunny, Chelsea. I’d left her with a friend when I had to go away for a week. I’d always fed her on pellets and hay, but my friend thought he’d give her something nice one afternoon, and fed her a lot of fresh grass and clover (not clipped, but straight out of the back lawn).
    She developed scours and was gone by evening. My friend was devastated. So was I.

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