Just say “NO” to grass clippings.

I first heard about the potential hazard of feeding grass clippings to horses  about 25 years ago. I was reminded of it this week because of a really sad post I saw on Facebook.

The problem is a tough one because people think they are being kind and possible helpful. I’m sure they innocently figure that  horses eat grass anyway and so why not give them a big pile as a special treat? Anyway, this week’s video gives a few reasons why it’s not a good idea.

10 thoughts on “Just say “NO” to grass clippings.”

  1. Linda Clulow

    Oh my. Thank you so much for this crucial information….I am embarrassed, I did not know.

  2. It isn’t just horses, either.
    I used to have a pet bunny, Chelsea. I’d left her with a friend when I had to go away for a week. I’d always fed her on pellets and hay, but my friend thought he’d give her something nice one afternoon, and fed her a lot of fresh grass and clover (not clipped, but straight out of the back lawn).
    She developed scours and was gone by evening. My friend was devastated. So was I.

  3. Catherine Adams

    Great reminder Pat!
    I knew to not EVER give grass clippings, but quite frankly, didn’t know why.
    I’m sure you’ve saved the life of at least one beloved pony with this excellent and timely video.
    As always, thank you for making us all better horsepeople.

    1. Thanks Catherine…it always seems so innocent and kind of reasonable to give grass clippings to horses…I’ve had to stop a lot of people over the years who meant well…I hope it does help on some level….cheers.

  4. Judith McCracken

    Your video is beautiful to watch. Heaven is having pasture for your horses to run in and eat freely! Thank you……

    1. I could watch them out there for hours too Judith.
      I’ve always loved the way they can run together and yet they never run into each other…like a school of fish or flock of birds, they can move at great speed and be in such wonderful harmony.

  5. Lori Gordon

    I had heard before that you shouldn’t feed grass clippings to horses, but never heard all the reasons laid out so clearly. Thank you, Pat. Great information!

    1. Thank you Lori. I’m glad you found it helpful. It’s kind of a funny topic in that I’ve had a number of people over the years doubt the seriousness of it. I might have felt the same way I suppose if I hadn’t seen such horrible outcomes. Anyway, thanks for your open mindedness!

  6. Karen Dance

    Thanks for this video Pat. I’m just starting to catch up on videos. Thank you explaining the “why” of this issue. It helps to understand the reasons behind it in order to be to tell others.

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