5 thoughts on “Horse Show Nerves”

  1. Vicky Phillips

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing 💗🌈🐴

  2. Teresa Mikelson

    The silhouettes are beautiful! You do have wonderful people in your life.
    I never would have thought to compete at a little lower level than the rider is comfortable with at home. That’s a great idea.
    In my early 30s, I was still shy, but now I’m 68, old and bold. I was at a horse club, watching barrel racing. This one older man ran the barrels & knocked one over. He left the arena, broke a thin limb off of a tree, and was beating his horse over the head for what seemed like a very long time. It was probably several minutes, which is too long. Everyone was watching with big eyes & dropped jaws. I’ve always wished I had the nerve to tell him to stop. That poor horse! He didn’t deserve that horse.
    I always enjoy your videos and look forward to the next. Happy Canada Day.

  3. Judith

    Beautiful silhouettes! Well done! And a thought about Teresa’s comment on the abusive owner of the barrel horse. He should have been banned from future shows for abusing his animal! (And I wish John Wayne had walked up to him and knocked his block off for treating that poor horse in such a shameful manner). Sorry, the older I get the more intolerant I get of such mean behavior! God forgive us !

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