2 thoughts on “Noticing the Normal”

  1. Judith

    If everyone who sat on a horse were taught about laminitis and it’s symptoms and causes, we would be so much better off when it comes to owning horses. Even at the stable where I boarded for ‘2 years, it was up to the owner to come out, observe your horses, exercise them and make sure they were getting the proper nutrition. I have dealt with laminitis in my POA and 2 minis. I learned the hard way about overfeeding. My farrier was THE BEST and he would give me a heads up on issues before they became fatal. I had never in 65 years seen a horse ‘stove up’ until my little POA could not come to me when I called. She could not move…she had been eating the alfalfa instead of the grass hay! It was an ordeal but she pulled out with the help of an awesome vet and farrier. There is SO much to learn…But it’s worth it. Thanks Pat!

    1. So true, Judith. My understanding is that colic is the number one killer of horses but laminitis is a close second. The more people who learn the causes and signs, the better. Cheers.

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