Updates and saddle fitting

I’m back from my cataract surgery. It’s a miraculous procedure, to say the least!

A few updates on what we’ve been doing and some things we’ve learned about saddle fitting.

3 thoughts on “Updates and saddle fitting”

  1. Catherine Adams

    Great video, Pat and thank you for the great tip to know if the saddle is sitting too far back (direction of the hair swirls) – I’ll be checking mine first thing tomorrow.
    Also, I appreciate the important distinction you made between a trained saddle fitter versus a saddle sales rep.

  2. Alexandra

    Very informative video. Thank you!

  3. Karen Dance

    Thanks Pat
    It’s good to know about the tip about the hair swirls as a way to check where the saddle should be. As always, your videos are very informative. 😊

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