Sometimes life presents us with opportunities to re-think things and gain a better perspective.

It’s not always easy but it can often be necessary.

14 thoughts on “Perspectives”

  1. Heather

    Oh Pat, I’m so sorry.
    I always love the story of how you got her. She was such a special girl

    1. Tracy Appel

      Pat, so sorry for the loss of your ” girl” Shade. Sounds like she did have a wonderful life .
      Wishing you an easy surgery and a quick thaw.
      Thank you for this week’s perspective.
      Take care

  2. Karen Dance

    Oh no.
    Pat, I’m so sorry for your loss. This is such a shock.
    She was loved, and had a great life with you.

  3. Jana Fischer

    Pat, I am in Ohio USA but I feel like I know you like a neighbor, I’ve enjoyed so many of your videos. I am so sorry you lost your beloved mare. That’s a hard situation. Her spirit will remain with you always.
    Sorry about your arena situation too. The exact same thing happened to a friend of mine down here this past week too. These heavy rains followed by cold temperatures are not good.
    Good luck with your cateract surgery.

  4. Catherine Adams

    Pat, I’m so sorry for Shade’s passing.

  5. Angela Halfin Hunter

    Hi Pat,
    I am sorry to hear you have lost Shade. Thank you for sharing your perspective. Take care as you work through this difficult time.

  6. Tracey Paige

    I am so terribly sorry to hear the news about Shade. May she Rest In Peace and may her memory be a blessing. Going to hug my horse a little harder today.
    Godspeed Shade.

  7. Joan Follett

    Thank You for sharing her with all of us. She was loved.

  8. Walka M Wardell

    Oh Pat… My heart is SO heavy for you. Somehow through all of these last several weeks and things on the close horizon that you will be enduring, you still find time to encourage, mentor, and share love. This is just a testament to your beautiful soul and your true character. THANK YOU for being such an amazing person and I am SO ever thankful that I found you and this beautiful site which always inspires me.

  9. Lori Gordon

    Oh Pat. I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear about the loss of shade. I love that story of how she chose you, and what a special horse she became to you. But you are so right about perspective. We just tend to emphasize the things that really aren’t that important and forget about the things that really are. Thank you for the reminder and my condolences to you and your staff.

  10. Linda Clulow

    Pat, your strength and courage always amazes and inspires me.


  11. Mary

    Hi Pat
    So sorry to hear about Shade. I’m sure she had a good life with you and that she was well loved. Such a touching story about how you got her….

  12. Judith McCracken

    IF I could, I’d give you the biggest hug and we would cry together. You know you have so many followers who would say the same. Thank you for sharing your woes and heart with us. Yes, Spring will come and you’ll be fighting flies and heat…..this moment will be gone.
    I loved the story about how you found Shade. She was meant to be yours and God let you to her because He loves His creation! Give thanks for many good years with her, that you got the vet there as quick as you did and her passing was quick. You gave her a good life. Can we ask for anything better for our horses? You are loved by so many other horse people, now you have to get ready for your cataract surgery. A pretty routine surgery anymore. God will take care of you, dear Friend. He loves you and your tender heart!..Blessings!

  13. Sonja Guillet

    Pat, I’m so sorry for yet another loss. You have 21 years of memories and stories to tell. My deepest sympathy for your broken heart.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery from your eye surgery.

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