Vision loss

I’ve known a few horses over the years that had vision problems. My friend’s horse, Ring, lived well even after losing his eye later in life. Phydeux, a kind old appaloosa, lost sight in both eyes and coped remarkably well, especially with the help of his compassionate field mate.

Below are just a few thoughts I have on coping with a visually impaired horse.

The video below is a bit about how the horse sees the world.

2 thoughts on “Vision loss”

  1. Mary

    A good helpful video. Yes Ring did lose his vision in one eye so depth perception was an issue and obviously a factor for jumping. Ring lived to 25 and had a good, joyful life with his pals and gal “Millie” at Pats barn.
    Thanks Pat!

  2. Fran

    Thanks for this article on vision. Our 24 yo TWH mare is losing vision due to uveitis. So far the right eye is the worst. The left eye is impacted also with a large Stellate cataract.

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