Thoughts on training.

(Someone asked me a question about training horses the other day and after talking to her, I decided to re-post this from a year or so ago.)

Training horses, whether it is complex lessons or simple ones, is all about bridging the communication barrier that is between us.

It helps a lot if we make at least as much effort to learn his language as he makes to understand ours.

If that takes a little extra time, so be it. My experience with horses, as well as life, is sometimes taking the time to enjoy the journey makes the trip more enjoyable.

And really, who could ask for a better traveling partner than the horse….

1 thought on “Thoughts on training.”

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
    80/20 principle used this way is brilliant. 🙂
    My favourite thing is when I work on something with a horse and we make some progress, then next time horsey wants to show me what we were working on last time!

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