They really do appreciate it…

Just a few quick things we can do for the horse. They’re simple and easy but someone told me the other day that it has never occurred to them to do this.

So just in case it has never occurred to you, we made this short video.

Your horse will thank you…:-)

2 thoughts on “They really do appreciate it…”

  1. Judith McCracken

    My blind POA Appy. loves us to take a warm cloth and wash her eyes that tend to drain and crust a lot. She stands quietly while we let the crust soften and we take the time to quietly whisper and maybe sing a little to her. She’s 17 and I’m sure she appreciates the extra kindnesses we afford her during this time in her life. She even lets me plant a soft kiss on her temple while I’m close.

    1. God bless you Judith…Your little appy is lucky to have you. Just curious…is she okay with other horses etc? I had a wonderful little appy named Spirit and he went blind quite suddenly. He wasn’t able to cope and he grew so stressed that the vet and I decided the kindest thing was to let him go. Broke my heart as he was wonderfully kind little horse…

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