Thoughts on Training

I can think of few nicer ways to see the world than from the back of a horse. Hacking out, or trail riding, can be a lovely experience for both horse and rider. But if we choose to ride in a more confined space, at speeds greater than the walk, we should probably take time to consider the way in which the horse carries himself and us.

Dressage can get a bad rap but it really is foundational. It helps the horse to travel straight and find his balance with a rider on his back. When practiced carefully, I think it can increase the horse’s chances of having a long and healthy working life.

In this week’s video we touch on how that can be while also understanding why some people think they don’t like ‘dressage’.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Training”

  1. Angela

    Hi Pat,
    I like how you made the connection between classical dressage and indoor riding. I find arena riding is never boring because there is so much to learn. It might look like endless circles but the feeling when the weight shifts and the horse softens, even if only for a few strides, is soooo rewarding. Thanks for the insight and reminder to consider the horse.

  2. Janet

    I have heard people say that watching dressage is like watching paint dry – maybe that is why your friend doesn’t like it! Who likes watching paint dry? Perhaps, if they watch this video, they will understand and enjoy it more!

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