Cherish the School horses…

I posted this last year at this time too. I guess it’s something about being in the middle of summer camp that makes me love all my school horses even more.

It might be hot, the days might be long, but each day, those horses display their mastery at teaching children many things…including how to ride…:-)

1 thought on “Cherish the School horses…”

  1. Judith McCracken

    I agree..they are worth their weight in gold!
    The behavior exhibited around children is very fascinating to watch. I’ve had several old babysitters that were so polite and willing.
    When I got back into horses in my 60’s I always chose the older ones (15 and older) because they were more patient and cooperative with me. I will never turn away from a ‘school horse’ who needs a home. They’re the BEST ones to ride when youre building confidence in a rider.

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