Trotting diagonals, again?

Something about summer camp that makes me want to re-post this…:-)

I’m on a mission to have people understand why we do the things we do with horses. It makes more sense and helps us reconsider things when we at least pause for a moment to understand the reason why.

7 thoughts on “Trotting diagonals, again?”

  1. Linda Clulow

    Great video! It’s so much easier to understand what you mean when you watch the horse in slow motion as this video demonstrates. Although when you are on top of the horse and learning the technique of rising when the outside shoulder is forward….well sometimes I look like a marionette with a broken string!! LOL!! Practice, practice, practice!!

    Thank you Pat!


      Thanks Linda!


      It’s awesome that you’re watching! Thanks Rochelle.

  2. Carolyn Horner

    I really like the way you explained posting diagonals. Great demo!


      Thanks Carolyn! It sure makes it easier to explain when you can use slow motion…:-)

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