‘Tis the season of winged tormentors

The glorious weather always inspires the flies and horses tend to be a favourite target. All we can do is maintain stable hygiene, protect the horses as best we can, and try to enjoy the other more pleasant aspects of this time of year.

But it can be tough sometimes, for us and especially for the horses….

3 thoughts on “‘Tis the season of winged tormentors”

  1. Janet

    Good subject! Do you think the fly mask is the best way to deal with the flies? What about sprays? Frilly things attached to halters? Etc.

  2. Fiona

    Thanks for your videos. Your love for horses shines through 🙂
    We use fly masks as well – at least we try to – some days they serve more as a toy for the herd mates to pull off! On bad days we use repellent. We put a lot on the tail to enhance Mother Nature’s fly weapon.
    Curious if you worry about sun protection for “Dex”, seeing as he has pink skin? Thanks!

    1. Pat@harrogatehills.com

      Hi Fiona…thanks for your kind words…we have the same problem with fly masks…they do seem to make the best toys! I love your idea of putting the repellent in the tail. Someone suggested that to me years ago and even though is seems obvious, I had never thought of it. I should have mentioned it in the video!
      Regarding Decks, he hasn’t had too much trouble with the sun, except for his eyes. He is 25 (might be older but I feel better if I say he’s only 25…) and about 3 years ago he had a growth removed from his left eyelid. If you saw him up close you’d be able to tell…that eye doesn’t open quite as well as the other. But other than that he does okay. He also has some trees along side his field so he can get in the shade.
      He’s a sweet, kind horse…truly in the top five of all the horses I have had over these last 35 years..a very special soul…to watch him with little children can bring a tear to your eye….:-)
      Thanks again Fiona.

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