Getting the basics….

Just some thoughts on the importance of understanding horses. The sooner we gain this skill, the better off the horses will be and the more enriching our interactions with them.

2 thoughts on “Getting the basics….”

  1. Linda Clulow

    Thanks Pat for this video. When I was in my late teens, I was coming back from a trail ride on a farm that raised and bred Arabs. We were just entering the barn area when the farm dog came racing toward me and my horse. Naively, I thought the dog would stop or veer the other way…but no…my horse reared up, and dumped me off the back end. I got up, brushed myself off, but one of the barn hands came running over, grabbed my horse and proceeded to punch my horse in the nose two or three times! I was appalled. Like it was the horses fault the stupid dog spooked my horse. I let the owner know my feelings but I don’t know if anything was done. That image just stays with me.

  2. Judith McCracken

    At my stable, I see more often than not, women who ‘coddle’ their horses and coo to them. When they get pushed around by the horse, they just accept it because the horse is bigger than they are. This makes me nuts!
    When I see a horse misbehave, my first reaction is ‘Pop him in the nose!” Don’t let him do that to you!.
    They really don’t understand the ‘herd mentality’ and look at me like I’m Atilla the Hun.

    My horses respect me because I’m the dominate mare! I bark when they need it and I love and scratch when they earn it. I’m always trying to be aware of the situation for their good. We’re moving nest month to our own little 1 acre ranch to get them to a dryer quieter area. I can’t wait! I enjoy them so much and I think they enjoy me. You’re right, there IS a better way to care for your horse.

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