Signals sent and received.

Spirit and Radley give a pretty good demonstration of body language in horses in this week’s video.

Anyone who is interested in learning about horses is wise to watch the way they interact with each other.

We can have a tendency to forget that our horses have lives outside of their relationship with us.

I think we do our equine partners a great favour when we take the time to understand who the horse is when he is not with us.

4 thoughts on “Signals sent and received.”


      Thanks Mary. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Even after 40 years, I never tire of watching horses…always so much to learn.

  1. Karen Dance

    What a good video! It’s interesting to know that horses have friends that they prefer as well as horses they will tolerate, or have no interest in.
    Also, good advice on what to expect with horses on leads meeting others.


      Thanks Karen! It’s so great to know you’re watching these…I appreciate it!

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