Blankets and Rugs

Anyone who has been around my farm for any length of time has probably heard me complain about blankets. (Or rugs as we referred to them in England.) I never feel like I have the capacity to be completely sure I’m using the right blanket for the right degree of inclement weather.

It could be argued that wild horses survive without blankets and that’s true of course. But wild horses have a bit more freedom of movement. A horse in a windswept paddock with no shelter is in a significantly more uncomfortable position than his wild cousin who could move to where there are trees or bushes that could help block the wind.

And so I recognize their value but my love/hate relationship with them continues regardless.

Let me know what you think…

4 thoughts on “Blankets and Rugs”

  1. Angela

    Hi Pat,
    I part-board a horse that is outside 24/7 without a blanket. And YES, I have sleepless nights. But it seems she is managing just fine. And I have another horse that I ride, from time to time, and last Saturday I took her soaking blanket off to find she was perfectly dry underneath it. So I totally get your issue with blankets being a good thing, not a necessary thing. And to that I will admit that I bought a coat for my golden retriever – a Shedrow no less. He walks down the sidewalk with pride – until the neighborhood husky comes by. Then he is not so sure of himself. As my barn friend says “It’s January, so we can expect the bad weather and all that comes with it.” Personally, I am going to cross my fingers through February, and I look forward to March! Thanks for your post and direction.

    1. I’ll bet your dog caught the Husky rolling his eyes…they’re known to do that kind of thing…:-)
      I’m glad to have someone share my worries about blankets…we carry on but the struggle is real! Cheers and thanks!

  2. Julianna Martin

    Hi Pat,
    Enjoyed your video regarding blanketing your horse it was very informative.

    Julianna Martin

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