5 things to check with horses


I know we talk about this a lot but I think it’s really important to remember that just by paying attention, you can be of great service to a horse.

And the more you pay attention to them, the more  what is normal for them becomes apparent and the quicker you can be to notice when something is going wrong.

Kind of  a win/win…good for the horse and who can really mind spending time looking at horses!



3 thoughts on “5 things to check with horses”

  1. Great video Pat Gillis of Harrogate Hills near Newmarket Ontario Canada! Observation is so fundamental to horses. Paying keen attention! Watching, waiting and being present in this exact moment with the horse. ‘Being with’ the horse, any animal, all people is a vastly underrated talent. So much we can learn about the horse, the other, and mostly about ourselves. Watching the young people in your summer programs Pat is fascinating! Young people have an enriched potential to really be there with the horse. Being awake and aware brings you the possibility of being more deeply engaged in an enriched honouring relationship with the horse. Watch, wait, being present brings us all the wonderful beauty, and miraculous splendour of being in relationship ‘with’ the horse. ‘Listening deeply’ with and to the horse. Thanks Pat for yet another learning for us all to share in. Look forward to your next post. Love all of your previous posts. ‘The horse knows, even when you don’t know’. FKP

  2. Rochelle Morais

    As always, a very informative video. And…. I feel like each time I watch one of your videos I get a little taste of home. Keep warm.

    1. Pat@harrogatehills.com

      Thanks Rochelle…it always warms my heart when you call Harrogate ‘home’!

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