What to look for in fencing..

Not the most dramatic subject but still something we have to think of if we care about our horses.

There are some types of enclosures that are better than others but even if the fencing isn’t ideal, there are ways to make it a little safer for our equine friends.

Thanks to Linda for suggesting the discussion.


1 thought on “What to look for in fencing..”

  1. Linda Cluow

    Thanks so much Pat. There was a lot more information imparted than I would have anticipated. I now know how electric fencing is used with traditional fencing and why. There are also a lot more variations of mesh as a medium for enclosure. I am a romantic, so as you were walking the fence line, all I could think of was a Hallmark movie of the cowboy on his trusty steed riding the fences, stopping to repair any damage that occurred. Of course the girl follows on her beautiful mare. LOL!!! Now to the real world of working farms and oh so very early hours to late nights. Oh well. Sorry, just a slight deviation of thought! Thanks again for the video! (You may delete or edit this as you see fit!)

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