Over the years it has been a source of wonder to me how horses can always manage to find the one thing in their world that can cause them to hurt themselves.

But I have to confess, up until this happened to me 20 years ago, I had never  thought that wheelbarrows posed a danger. Mountie, an old school horse we had, proved me wrong and thanks to him, we have a simple solution so that it never happens again.

6 thoughts on “Wheelbarrows”

  1. Heather

    One of my favorite barn rules!!
    Anytime I drive past a farm with a wheelbarrow just sitting in a field, it drives me nuts! I think I always say something out loud to whoever is in the car with me!

    1. Pat@harrogatehills.com

      LOL. I can hear you doing that….

  2. Linda Clulow

    Excellent video on barn safety! I hate to admit it, but I have walked into one of those wheelbarrows, caught between the handles and looking like a fool! If it’s not that, I’ve stepped on a push broom facing the wrong way and getting bonked in the head! If this was a horse, imagine how spooked he would get and how possibly dangerous it could be for the handler.

    Oh ya, welcome back Pat!! Reality of winter now sets in!! LOL!!

    1. Pat@harrogatehills.com

      Thanks for the welcome back Linda….that heat and sunshine sure looks good now!

  3. Judith McCracken

    A good rule of thumb….if it can happen….it WILL!

    1. Pat@harrogatehills.com

      That is a great rule to live by Judith!

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