8 thoughts on “Are horses dangerous?”

  1. Mary K. Evans

    Thanks! You are the best….

    1. Thanks, Mary. I certainly don’t think I’m the best but I have been blessed to have spent a life time learning from horses…and they are undoubtedly the BEST!

  2. Judith

    Thank you for your wisdom! I teach self awareness and when you’re on the back of a horse, it should include them too! The bubble idea is great!. Now the difficulty comes in when our riders are TOO self aware and they start “day tripping” into what Could happen?!! Then I say, relax, because your attitude affects the animal too!. It’s a difficult balance to achieve. So maybe we spend more time on the ground getting to know the horse better. When I hear “I want to ride now” then we try again in the saddle. There are plenty of games to play on the ground that lend to the educational aspects of riding. And thank you for encouraging beginners to start on the old ones that know the ropes. Like old people, they can teach us alot! No gentler animal exists than the old training horses, or ranch horses that have been there, done that! Thank you Pat….all my Love!

  3. Jo Clark

    Thank you Pat! This is great advice and very re-assuring. I’ve been riding my whole life and I’ll be 60 this year. These days, I often ride completely alone, no-one else at the yard. I trust my horse 100% but he’s a horse and he’s a lively one. The safety bubble is so, so important!

    1. Hi Jo…I really thought you were a LOT younger than me…you’re still younger but you surprised me! Like you, I ride by myself sometimes too and then it’s even more important to have some protocols in place. Thanks!

  4. Jana

    The safety bubble is an interesting concept. I’ve been around horses and riding for 62 years. I trust my horse but I still respect her size and that she has a mind of her own and that safety bubble is definitely different when you’re around horses you don’t know well. Thanks for your always interesting thoughts.

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