16 thoughts on “Where have we been?”

  1. Debbie

    You’re human, like the rest of us who also ” break the chain” ♡♡

  2. Margie

    Hi Pat,
    So good to see you again. Looking forward to your next posts and glad
    things are coming back to normal.

  3. Glad you are back!! I like tge “don’t break the chain ” idea!! I will use that!! Thanks!

  4. Judith

    So glad to hear from you again, so sad to hear of Daisy and Cloe. Yes, The fact remains, after all the wonderful things about a horse, they WILL break your heart. And they don’t even mean to.
    I’m’ so proud of you and your willingness to reach out to us.
    God bless you and that school……Ride on, Cowgirl, Ride on!

  5. Jo Clark

    Love this! So great to see & hear you again. Here’s to the (good) chains and the horses – whether or not they break our hearts ❤️

  6. Catherine

    Wonderful to hear from you Pat and good to know life at Harrogate goes although the heartbreaks really are hard to endure. This type of communication commitment is no small feat and, in my experience, a hiatus is often needed so YOU feel refreshed along with your video messaging and content. Glad you’ve cut yourself some slack, and we really do love hearing from you.

  7. Carole Lycett-Bush

    You made my day seeing you again it felt like I lost a soul mate. I had written to you once before and at that time I had two horses Gunnar who was a warmblood from Sweden that was left at the barn as he could no longer be ridden and my last rescued though bred Merkel now 29. I had to let Gunnar go after 9yrs as he was having a harder and harder time walking. Merkel is still full of beans and thinks he’s two which was when I rescued him. I firmly believe that without the friendship of the amazing animals in our lives wouldn’t be able to overcome the challenges life gives us.
    Wishing you happiness and good health.
    Sincerely Carole XXX

    1. Thanks for your kind note, Carole. I am sorry to hear that Gunnar has passed on but he was lucky to have someone like you who gave him all that love and still knew when it was time. They should all be so lucky. I agree about the challenges that horses help us through. Especially as I get older, I more and more appreciate how lucky I have been to have shared my life with so many of these wonderful friends. Take good care and thanks again. Pat

  8. Jana

    It was good to see you again. I always enjoy your bits of wisdom. And yes, I thank my horse everyday.

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