Eating like a horse…

It’s spring and poor 38-year-old Pebbles is back to wearing his grazing muzzle.

It’s for the best but he can sure make us feel guilty…

2 thoughts on “Eating like a horse…”

  1. Judith McCracken

    What is Pebbles’ job at the school? Groundwork or does he carry riders?

    1. Hi Judith.
      Pebbles has the official title of “Senior Consultant at Harrogate” (That’s the name of my riding school). He has been retired for a number of years now. He went where ever he pleased until the last two summers, wandering in between the paddocks and visiting whomever he chose to acknowledge. (We had another pony that Pebbles use to go out with. But he passed away a few years before this and Pebbles felt too threatened to be with other horses.) But for the last two summers we have to keep him in the sand ring..he can still visit a couple of adjacent paddocks but doesn’t quite have as much freedom as before. (I worry about him getting caught on something with that muzzle on so we keep him in an area that is safe and where we can keep an eye on him). Sometimes he even joins in a lesson when the horses are walking to warm up or cool down. He gets in line and follows along…it’s pretty cute.

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