The joys of winter weather…

Just a few thoughts on how we can make our horses’ lives better during these long winter months…

5 thoughts on “The joys of winter weather…”

  1. Margie Dossa

    Thankz Pat for the useful video.😀🐴🐎❤

  2. Judith McCracken

    Oh Sweet Baby, how can you not kiss that great big muzzle???
    Good advice for a very hard time of the year for lots of horses.
    Thank you!

  3. Jana Fischer

    You are very interesting, always enjoy your ideas. Thank you.

  4. Teresa

    I’m in Florida where Winter is just a short relief from the exhausting Summer heat. I’ve lived here for 65 years.

  5. Mary K. Evans

    Pat I am heartbroken to hear about your precious Decks. May he be galloping around Heaven with all of his buddies. You are everything a horse needs and I thank you. 💔💔🐎🐎💔💔

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