All choked up

As most of you know, our wonderful Decks gave us quite a scare last week.

After many late nights and many visits from our amazing vet, we are happy to report that Decks is on the mend.

This is just a little update to fill you in on what happened.

3 thoughts on “All choked up”

  1. Jana Fischer

    Glad Decks is OK. I’ve had a horse that chocked. Not good.
    You have a good week too. Love your little videos.

  2. Karen Dance

    Hi Pat,
    It’s so good to see him in the video with you and to know he is better!
    What a relief!
    Thanks for explaining what happened to him.
    I’m glad the outcome was positive!

  3. Krista

    So happy to hear!! How stressful for everyone, especially Decks. Glad both the vet and Decks fixed the problem, perhaps the blocked cube that was moistened eventually started dissolving too.

    The video was extremely helpful in explaining what happens and how to spot choking in a horse, we will put that in our memory bank for sure.

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