Thoughts from the Great White North

One of things about living where I live is that we get to experience the sometimes endless assault of winter. It’s not that it isn’t beautiful and I have many moments where I actually like it but…let’s just say that in terms of chores and horses, winter can often make everything a little bit harder.

I think the horses love it though, so there’s that.

Stay warm.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Great White North”

  1. Sue Francia

    Hi Pat
    OH yes, my horses are very spoiled when there is snow on the ground (like now). They practice standin’ around looking forlorn until I throw their hay out twice a day and then put them inside for the night. I work… they eat… and complain…

    1. That is so true Sue! I love it when they play at being wild horses, pawing forlornly at the snow trying to uncover some small scrap of sustenance so they can survive…until they come in for supper…:-)

  2. Judith McCracken

    Here in Utah we see lots of horses whose owners have left their blankets in place for days at a time. We warm up quite nicely during the noon hours but because the owners aren’t paying attention, the blanket can become wet and heavy. Some of these horses roll several times and the blanket gets turned and twisted.
    My goal in the morning is once the sun is out, remove the blanket immediately and fluff up the hair as you remove the covering.

    1. I find blankets troubling for the very reason you point out. It really isn’t a ‘do it and done’ sort of thing. Your horses are very lucky to have you.

  3. Joan Follett

    What was being whispered in your ear?

  4. Lynette christensen

    Another part of being one with my horse is winter riding. We rode daily other than when it was sleeting or windchill below 20 with strong winds.
    On the trail during the day w snow falling and the crisp crunching sounds of his/ her hooves was like the greatest experience you can share. Alone together sharing Gods finest creation

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