Bandaging a foot

Well, as promised, we tried make a video about poulticing a foot. Unfortunately, we ran out of duct tape.

I’d be the first in line to praise the quality of Gorilla Tape™ but after today, I don’t recommend it for use on a horse’s foot!

Hopefully, we managed to convey the main principles despite our technical glitches…:-)

6 thoughts on “Bandaging a foot”

  1. Priceless- I hope that one day, you do a video of all the outtakes!
    Gorilla tape has a lot in common with snot … sticks to everything.

  2. I found that out when trying to construct a boot for my mini who foundered and needed a padded hoof. Yikes!
    Duct tape is more forgiving!

  3. Hey Pat, I like Catherine’s suggestion of doing a video on all the outtakes!!! You would have to rate it ‘R’!!!!

    Looking forward to another round of ‘challenges’ LOL!!!

  4. You had me at “what we’ll need is a diaper, a bag and ‘duct’ tape “. So impressive! And loved the ending. Could be right off a “Macgyver” show.

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